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Wedding Book - A Personalized Story

This is a special book which records the details of a couple's most important day and it would make a great wedding gift!  The story includes:

  • Where the bride & groom first met

  • Where they were married

  • Who officiated their wedding ceremony

  • Where they had the reception

  • Where they went for their honeymoon

  • Names of all the major people who participated in the wedding

  • The address of their first home

  • Names of the people they have to thank

  • And more!  Read the complete story below this page.

Here is why you may choose to give this book as a wedding gift:

  • The couple will keep it forever!

  • They may choose to add pictures if they want, or keep it as it is

  • You will be remembered for a long time since your name is printed in the book

  • You will be able to add a special message at no cost, for example "With all my love and wishes for a happy marriage"

  • We add guest list pages

Wedding Book

Sample Illustration

Book Cover

Sample Illustration

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Price $24.95 Book # 528b   Hard cover, 8 1/4 x 6 3/4, 26 pages , For adults  

From Jodi: "I wanted to let you know that I received my wedding book and I absolutely love it!  I'm very impressed, the writing is perfect and I love the personalization.  Thanks for calling me to get clarification and making this a very special gift.  We'll treasure it always and think of you in the future for the other personalized books....."   Read more testimonials

Note: A detailed story of the book is given below.

Because much more information is required for this book than for all the others, please prepare it and either e-mail or fax it to us after filling out the order form. If you are ordering by mail, just include the information on a separate sheet of paper. Make sure that you submit all the details for the story to be complete. To make your work easier we have included a sample of what you have to fill out. Below is what is needed:-

  • Book number (528b)
  • Bride's first name (e.g. Teresa)
  • Bride's name throughout the story (e.g. Terry)
  • Bride's last name ( e.g. Jenkins)
  • Matron of honor (e.g. Sally Bronson)
  • Maid of honor
  • Bride's maids (e.g. Anjie, Betsy and Cathy)
  • Flower girl - only one name (e.g. Missy)
  • Bride's Escort (e.g. Her dad)
  • Groom's first name (e.g. Michael)
  • Groom's name throughout the story (e.g. Mike)
  • Groom's last name (e.g. Smith)
  • Best Man - only one name (e.g. Miles Waid)
  • Groomsmen (e.g. Frank, Terry and Pete)
  • Ushers (e.g. Joe, John and Kayle)
  • Ring-bearer (e.g. Joey)
  • How the bride and groom first met, a place with in before it (e.g. in Algebra class)
  • Wedding date (e.g. July 24, 1999)
  • Officiator (e.g. Father Hunt)
  • Church/Other place (e.g. St. Anne's)
  • City (e.g. Atlanta)
  • Reception (e.g. Hidden Creek Country Club)
  • Honeymoon, a place with in before it (e.g. in Hawaii)
  • First Home (e.g. 1232 Anywhere Street)
  • Special Thanks To (e.g. Mary and Phillip Jenkins)
  • More Thanks To (e.g. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Smith)
  • Dedication (e.g. With all our love and wishes for a happy marriage)
  • Name of the person giving the book as a gift (e.g. Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins)
  • Date the gift is given (e.g. July 24, 1999)

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The Wedding Book - Detailed Layout/Story

As you read the story below substitute the underlined information with yours.  This is just a sample, your book would be made using the requested details above.

Book Title: Teresa and Michael's Wedding (These would be your names instead)

  • Page 1 -   Illustrated page ( You may insert photos) - (See examples of the illustrations on top of this page)
  • Page 2 -  Another Illustrated page
  • Page 3 -  This book has been created to celebrate the marriage of Teresa Jenkins and Michael Smith on June 24, 2000 at St. Anne's pensacola (all this is beautifully laid out)
  • Page 4  -  After months of planning and anticipation, the special day had finally arrived.  Terry and Mike, who first met in algebra class, were about to be married.  The wonderful relationship they had established had grown and they had decided to become husband and wife.
  • Page 5 - Illustrated page
  • page 6 - Another Illustrated page
  • Page 7 - The guests assembled at St. Anne's in Pansacola to witness the happy event.  Joe, John and Kit greeted family and friends and ushered them to their seats.
  • Page 8 - Sally Bronson was the Matron of Honor.  Anjie, Betsy and Cathy also attended.  Many weddings have flower girls, but none as adorable as Missy.  The responsibilities of ring bearer were assigned to Joey, who stood proudly by the groom.  Having friends and family with them on their wedding day was very important to Terry and Mike.
  • Page 9 - Illustrated page
  • Page 10 - Another Illustrated page
  • Page 11 - The bride appeared at the entrance with Daddy.   Proceeding in, Terry smiled, recognizing relatives and special friends.   The proud groom awaited his bride with his best man, Miles WaidMike was also supported by Frank, Terry and Pete.  Taking her place beside him, Terry turned to face Mike.  A look of love and understanding passed between them.
  • Page 12 - Father Hunt opened with specially chosen words on the significance of marriage.  The couple exchanged their solemn vows, promising to love and honor each other for the rest of their lives.  The ring ceremony was especially moving, for it symbolized their lifelong commitment.  After the ceremony, Father Hunt introduced the radiant couple as husband and wife.
  • Page 13 - A gold image of the two rings
  • Page 14 - Another Illustrated page
  • Page 15 - Following the ceremony, everyone gathered at Hidden Creek Country Club to congratulate the happy couple and to wish them well in the future.  On leaving for their honeymoon in Hawaii, the newlyweds realized that this was the beginning of their new life together.
  • Page 16 - Mike and Terry returned to settle into their home at 1232 Anywhere Street.  From this moment forward, the would share in all life had to offer.  They were confident that their mutual respect would guide them through any trying times they may encounter.
  • Page 17 - Illustrated page (See examples of the illustrations on top of this  page)
  • Page 18 - Another Illustrated page
  • Page 19 - Terry and Mike were grateful to Mary and Phillip Jenkins and Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Smith for the support they received at this very special time.
  • page 20 - Dedication - With all our love and wishes for a happy marriage from  Grandma and grandpa Jenkins  June 24, 2000
  • pages 21 to 26 - Guest list sheets

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