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The Soccer Star

In this soccer adventure, it's your child's skill and quickness that puts their team in first place! The story is personalized with the child's details which you provide like name, age, hometown, names of friends, and of course your name, the person giving the book and the date you are giving it. This makes it a great keep sake.

We'll add a special message from you to the child like "Happy Birthday!" or similar, a no cost to you, if you request it on the order form.

Click here to see a sample finished book. A detailed story of this book is given below

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Sample page illustration

Book Cover

Sample page illustration

Price $18.95 Book # 526  Hard cover 6 3/4" X 8 1/4"  36 pages 


From Kimberly: I just wanted to send a note to say thank you!  I received the book yesterday and it wonderful, very professionally bound and printed - and the turn-around was so quick!  Thank you for your excellent service! Read more testimonials

Please provide the following on the order form:-

  • Book number

  • Child's name

  • Child's age

  • Child's gender

  • Hometown

  • Names of up to 3 friends

  • Name of the person giving the book

  • Dedication

  • Date the book is given

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The Soccer Star – Detailed Story

As you read the story below, substitute the underlined information with yours. This is just a sample; your book will be made using the information you submit (listed above).

Inside cover – Book Title
Page 1 – A Picture illustration (2 samples shown above this page)
Page 2 – Another illustration
Page 3 – "The Soccer star" was created especially for Michael Jeremy Smith at the age of 8, with love from Grandma and grandpa, December 25, 1998.
Page 4 – Mike Smith lay asleep in his bed, dreaming about tomorrow’s game. The next afternoon would be one of the most important games he had ever played. A scout from America'’ national team would be in Woodbridge watching the game and perhaps select players to represent America in the "8 and under" world championships.
Page 5 – Picture illustrations
Page 6 – More illustrations
Page 7 – In his office, the scout was busy assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each player. In fact, the team he had already picked was so strong that he didn’t think anyone from tomorrow’s game would have a chance to make the team.
Page 8 – The next day Mike was awesome. He dribbled the ball as if it were attached to his feet. His passes were right on the mark, and he scored a beautiful goal to help his team tie the best team in the league. Mike had noticed the scout watching him, but the scout was stone-faced, and Mike didn’t know what he was thinking.
Page 9 – Picture illustrations
Page 10 – More illustrations
Page 11 – Two days later, the scout telephoned him. "Mike, would you be interested in playing for America in the "8 and under" world championships?" he asked. "We have a series of practices starting next week and then the games begin." "Yes!" Mike said excitedly, nearly dropping the telephone. "I’ll be there."
Page 12 – At practice the next week, Mike met his coach and was introduced to all the other players. Mike proudly put on the American uniform. He could hardly wait for the championships to begin.

"Imagine," he thought to himself, "I’m playing for America."

  • Page 13 – Picture illustrations
  • Page 14 – More illustrations
  • Page 15 – After a week of tough practices, the day of the first match finally arrived. In the locker room, the coach was going over the game plan and giving the players their final instructions. Mike sat very still and quiet. He was so nervous.
  • Page 16 – When the American team ran into the field, the roar of the crowd was deafening. Mike had never been in front of a crowd this large before. Mike became even more nervous when he remembered that he would be seen on television for the first time. He wondered if Larry, Josh and Chris would be watching as he was introduced to the crowd.
  • Page 17 – Picture illustrations
  • Page 18 – More illustrations
  • Page 19 – Soon the big game was ready to begin. Mike joined several other players on the bench. Unfortunately, the first half started badly for America as the opposition took the lead early in the game. America was still losing by a goal at half time.
  • Page 20 – In the American dressing room you could hear a pin drop. Mike and the rest of the players were dejected. The silence was finally broken when the coach came into the room. He suggested that a number of players should be playing better. He then went over the game plan for the second half and tried to "pump-up" his troops.
  • Page 21 – Picture illustrations
  • Page 22 – More illustrations
  • Page 23 – The American team played much better in the second half, but could not get the goal they needed to catch up. The game was very physical and several players were knocked to the ground with hard tackles. America’s star goal scorer fell painfully to the ground after a tackle and was unable to continue. The coach called Mike over. "Get in there and try to score a goal," he instructed him.
  • Page 24 – Mike was not used to competing against such good players. The pace was incredibly quick. As usual, he played hard, and sweat poured down his brow. The sounds of the crowd rang in his ear. Mike knew that his friends, including Larry, Josh and Chris, were cheering every move that he made and he did not want to disappoint such good friends.
  • Page 25 – Picture illustrations
  • Page 26 – More illustrations
  • Page 27 – The first time Mike got the ball, he managed to side step a defender and loft the ball into the penalty area. One of his teammates leaped above the other defenders and headed the ball into the corner net. The crowd erupted into cheers. The game was tied.
  • Page 28 – With only three minutes of time remaining to play, it seemed that the game was certain to go into extra time. Both teams were desperate to find a way to score that winning goal. As time sipped away, the ball came to Mike near mid-field. He ran up the field with defenders all around him.
  • Page 29 – Picture illustrations
  • Page 30 – More illustrations
  • Page 31 – Mike faked as if he were going to kick to the right and then using all the skill he had been taught, he drilled the ball toward the upper left corner of the goal. The crowd was silent and time seemed to stand still. Then suddenly, the ball was in the net. As the crowd realized that Mike had just scored the winning goal of the game, they went wild with excitement. Mike ran with joy, waving his hands high.
  • Page 32 – All of the American players ran to Mike, excitedly jumping and shouting. The crowd was cheering loudly: "Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! Just as time ran out and the referee blew the final whistle. The American team had won.
  • Page 33 – Picture illustrations
  • Page 34 – More illustrations
  • Page 35 – That night Mike could hardly sleep. All he could think about was "The Big Game" and the sounds of the fans cheering. Next week, they would play again. Although it was a long shot, America, with Mike’s help, had a chance to be the world champions.

That night Mike had a dream. He imagined winning the world championship and holding the cup high above his head while the crowd cheered wildly. One time he woke up holding his pillow as if it were a trophy. It wasn’t quite the trophy he wanted, but Mike knew he wasn’t far from making his dream come true.

  • Page 36 – Mike Smith, with love from Grandma and Grandpa.

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