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Wedding Anniversary - A Personalized Story

This is a special keepsake and a great Anniversary gift.  It does not matter how many years the couple has been married, as long as the marriage is at least 1 year.

The story includes:

  • Where the bride & groom were married

  • When they were married

  • Where they went for their honeymoon

  • The address of their first home

  • Names of their children, grand children and great-grand children (some details are optional)

  • And more!  Read the complete story below this page.

Here is why you may choose to give this book as a wedding anniversary gift:

  • The couple will keep it forever!

  • They may choose to add pictures if they want, or keep it as it is

  • You will be remembered for a long time since your name is printed in the book

  • The book has guest list pages

  • You will be able to add a special message at no cost, for example "Happy Anniversary!", not more than 5 words

Wedding Anniversary Book

Book Cover

Sample Illustration

Sample Illustration

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Price $24.95 Book # 528a  Hard cover,  8 1/4" x 6 3/4", 26 pages , For adults

The Detailed story of this book is given below

Please note that the information needed to personalize this book is so extensive as seen below and thus it could not be provided for on the order form.  Please submit the information by e-mail or fax after you have filled out the order form. See the Ordering Information and Contact Information pages for more information.  If you are ordering by mail, just include this information on a separate sheet.

  • Book number (528a)
  • Bride's first name (e.g. Jennifer)
  • Bride's name throughout the story (e.g. Jenny)
  • Bride's last name (e.g. Johnson)
  • Groom's first name (e.g. Marcus)
  • Groom's name throughout the story (e.g. Mark)
  • Groom's last name (e.g. Johnson)
  • Date of wedding (e.g. June 22, 1969)
  • Wedding location (e.g. First Methodist Church
  • Honeymoon location, a place with in before it (e.g. in Hawaii)
  • First home (e.g. 1234 Ashland Road)
  • Date of Anniversary (e.g. June 22, 2000)
  • Number of years married (e.g. 31 years)
  • Children names (e.g. Anthony, Matthew and Sharon)
  • Grandchildren (e.g. Ricky, Donald, Darrel, Mary and Maggie)
  • Great-grandchildren (e.g. Tammy, Laurie and Hunter)
  • Dedication (e.g. Happy Anniversary!), not more than 5 words
  • Name of person giving the book as a gift
  • Date the book is given

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Wedding Anniversary - Detailed Layout/Story

As you read the story substitute the underlined information with yours.  This is just a sample, your book will be made using the requested details above.

Book Title: Jennifer and Marcus' Anniversary (These would be your names instead)

  • Page 1 - Illustrated page ( You may insert photos) - (See examples of the illustrations on top of this page)
  • Page 2 - Another Illustrated Page
  • Page 3 - As they celebrate 31 years of marriage, this book is presented to Jennifer Johnson and Marcus Johnson on June 22, 2000 (Properly laid out)
  • Page 4 - It was more than 31 years ago that Jenny and Mark first met.  At that time, they had no way of knowing what the future had in store for them.  In the years to come, there would be laughter and tears, triumphs and trials, successes and failures, and joys and sorrows.   But in those early days as they learned to love and respect one another, little did they know that this was the start of something special!
  • Page 5 - Illustrated Page
  • Page 6 - Another Illustrated Page
  • Page 7 - Time passed and that love and respect deepened.  Then, on June 22, 1969, Jenny and Mark were married at First Methodist Church.
  • Page 8 - Many memories of that wedding day are still vivid: the special people who were present for the occasion; the last minute details that still didn't quite happen as planned!  But of all the memories of that day, the most important are those of the ceremony itself, when Jenny and Mark stood together, exchanged their solemn vows, and were pronounced husband and wife.
  • Page 9 - Illustrated Page  (See examples of the illustrations on top of this page)
  • Page 10 - Another Illustrated Page
  • Page 11 - Their marriage began with a honeymoon in Hawaii.  This was a time to privately share their hopes and dreams for the future.  From the moment they moved into their first home, at 1234 Ashland Road, they shared, as husband and wife, in all that life had to offer.  And, to this day, there are times when fond memories of that first home come to mind.
  • Page 12 - As they knew it would, life brought many changes for Jenny and Mark: many surprises, many challenges, many unexpected turns in the road.  But nothing altered everything quite as much as the arrival of Anthony, Matthew and Sharon!  Through many special experiences that only parents understand, Jenny and Mark found their love for one another growing deep and strong.  And now they are grandparents to Ricky, Donald, Darrel, Mary and Maggie, and great-grandparents to Tammy, Laurie and Hunter!
  • Page 13- Illustrated Page
  • Page 14 - Another Illustrated Page
  • Page 15 - Season followed season and year followed year.  It's the good times, the joyful times, the times of laughter and fun that they like to remember.  And for Jenny and Mark, there were many of those.  But it's the difficulties that have tested and proven the strength and depth of Jenny and Marcus's love.
  • Page 16 - Now, June 22, 1999, Jenny and Mark are celebrating 31 years of marriage, another milestone in their journey together.  A wedding anniversary is a time for celebration.  There is much to rejoice in.  There is much to be thankful for.  There are many fond memories to treasure.  But a wedding anniversary is a time for reflection as well.  It is a time to remember that a marriage is built on love and trust, and that, without these qualities, it cannot endure.
  • Page 17 - Illustrated Page
  • Page 18 - Another Illustrated Page
  • Page 19 -On this special anniversary, Jenny and Mark were pleased to have friends and family celebrate the day with them.   Some would come to visit; others would call.  Still others would be there in thought alone.  There were many who made this day extra special.
  • Page 20 - With love from Mom and Dad    Date June 22, 2000
  • Pages 21 to 26 - Guest list sheets

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