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Please note that the newborn baby books and the wedding, anniversary, graduation and mother's day books require extra information, as noted on each book description page, which cannot be submitted on this general order form. So please if you are ordering any of these books just select the book title below and continue to the secure payment form to process your order.  Then list  all the information needed to personalize the book and submit it to us by e-mail. Our e-mail address is Please include your order number with the information you are submitting so that it is properly matched with your order. You will find this number on the receipt you get after submitting the order.

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 If you are ordering more than one book fill out one order form at a time and click below to go to the secure payment form, click on continue shopping to fill out another order form.  After you finish entering the last book, select the method of submitting your order and at this point you will be connected to the secure server where you will enter the billing and shipping information and also decide which payment method to use.  

For book numbers 503,512,531,528,528a and 529, select the title and continue below to the secure payment form.  Then send an e-mail with the required details after submitting your order. This form is for all the other booksFill out only the details relating to the book you are ordering.  Ignore any item that is not on your list of details requested.

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"From"  " With Love from" (check one.  Also if you have a short message,  put it in the  special order instruction space found before submitting your order - not more than 4 words e.g.  Happy Birthday!)

Name of Teacher ( Ballerina Princess, School Fun book &  Fire Station)

Name of School (School fun book, Easter Pageant, My first day at school & Fire Station)

Mom    Dad    Mom & Dad   ( Little one, Little One & My First day at school) 

Street Address (Mother Goose)

Partner's Name (Fishing Adventure & Camping Adventure)

Recital Guests Names ( Ballerina Princess)

New Baby's Name (Sibling book)

New Baby's Sex (Sibling book)

Sports event (Sports Book)

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Favorite Golf Course (Golf Adventure)

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