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My School Fun Book - A Personalized Story

Are you looking for a  Pre-School or Kindergarten graduation gift for your child or just a fun way to teach your young child letters of the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes?  We think this book is a good gift idea.  Here is why:

  • The story is personalized with the child's details which you provide like name, age, hometown, names of friends, name of School plus child's teacher (these are optional for pre-school children) and of course your name, the person giving the book and the date you are giving it. This makes it a great keep sake.

  • It is educational with letters of the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes

  • We'll add a special message from you to the child like "Congratulations!" or similar, a no cost to you, if you request it on the order form.

Click here to see a sample book.       Read the complete sample story below this page. 

Please note that this book is a great gift to the whole Pre-K or Kindergarten class.   E-Mail us if you are interested in ordering the book for the whole class

We also have a  graduation story for those graduating from High School, College or other, which has space to add photos. Click here to  read the sample story


Price $19.95 Book #504 , Hard cover,  6 3/4" x 8 1/4" ,  35 pages, For ages 3-7    

In this story your child learns:

  • Letters of the alphabet from A-Z
  • Numbers from 1-20
  • Colors red, black, brown, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple
  • These shapes: square, rectangle, circle and triangle
  • To color some shapes with the colors requested in the book.

Please include the following on the order form:-

  • Book number
  • Child's name
  • Child's age
  • Child's gender
  • Hometown
  • Names of 2 friends
  • Name of a school teacher (could be any name you want)
  • Name of school (could be any School you want)
  • Name of person giving the book
  • Date the book is given

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My School Fun Book - The detailed story

As you read the story below substitute the underlined information with yours.  This is just a sample, your book will be made using the requested details above.

  • Page 1 - The book title and picture illustrations
  • Page 2 - Picture illustration
  • Page 3 - "My School Fun Book" was created especially for Jessica Ann Smith at the age of 6, with love from Mommy and Daddy, July 27, 2000
  • Page 4 - "Hello, hello, hello, Jessica.   My name is Coco and I am the Clown with red hair and a very, very wide smile.   I will try to guess your age and where you live.  I guess you are 6 years old and you live in Atlanta.  Oh, my, Jessica.  I am so good at guessing, I should be in the circus! 
  • Page 5 - Picture illustration
  • Page 6 - Another picture illustration
  • Page 7 - "Jessica, I want to stay and play with you.  Would you like to ask Amy to come to play?" "Take your crayons and color my balloons, Jessica.  Oh-h-h-, I like the colors that you painted on the balloons."
  • Page 8 - "Please take me with you to Franklin Elementary School, Jessica. You, Amy and Cissy will each sit at your own desk.  I will have my own desk too.  We will listen carefully to what the teacher, Miss Jones, is telling us.  One more thing I must tell you Jessica, don't chew on your pencil!
  • Page 9  - Picture illustration
  • Page 10 - Letters A to O painted in different colors
  • Page 11 - Miss Jones asked the children to repeat after her the letters on page 10
  • Page 12 - Miss Jones continues with other letters up to letter W.  "How are you doing, Jessica? Now do you think that you, Amy and Cissy can read your A,B,C's?"  "Oops, we forgot the last three letters, X and Y and Z"
  • Page 13 - Letters P to Z painted in different colors
  • Page 14 - A picture illustration of the school
  • Page 15 - "Oh, this game looks new to me," said Jessica. "I am only 6 years old.  Will you help me?" Coco the Clown replied, "Turn back the page and look at the letters again.   Ask Amy and Cissy to help you draw lines from letter A to B to C.  Keep drawing until you come to the letter O."
  • Page 16 - "What a great time we have had today at school," said Coco.  "Now it is time to go home.  There we will run and jump and play outdoor games.  It is good to get exercise everyday Jessica.   It is not good to stay indoors and watch TV too much.  Exercise keeps us healthy."
  • Page 17 - A Picture illustration
  • Page 18 - Another picture illustration
  • Page 19 - "Watch me brush my teeth, Jessica," said Coco the Clown.  "It is easier to brush your teeth when you have a big smile on your face.  Jessica, make a big smile in front of your bathroom mirror everyday.  It will start your day right and make everybody else happy too."
  • Page 20 - "Oh-oh, raindrops!" moaned Coco the Clown.  "I have on my long, yellow coat and my wide, floppy shoes and I will stay dry.  I must be careful at the bus stop with no pushing or shoving other boys and girls.  Remember this, Jessica, and remind Amy and Cissy too."
  • Page 21 - Picture illustration
  • page 22 - Another picture illustration
  • Page 23 - "The sign reads, 'SCHOOL BUS'.   Use a pencil, Jessica, and follow the dots to draw the school bus.   Start with number 1.  If you turn the page you can see what comes after number 1."
  • Page 24 - "Please ask Amy to read these numbers from 1 to 20.  Jessica, can you make up rhymes to learn your numbers?   I'll start," said Coco the Clown.  "1,2.. What shall I do? 3, 4......Shut the door.  Let me see if you can do it, 5, 6.....go ahead, Jessica, you try it."
  • Page 25 - Painted numbers 1 to 20
  • page 26 - Picture illustration
  • Page 27 - "A birthday cake without any candles!" cried Coco the Clown.  "Jessica, please draw candles on my birthday cake.  Ask Amy and Cissy to help you."  "How many candles shall we draw?" asked Jessica.  "That is up to you to do the guessing this time.  Guess how old I am," giggled Coco the Clown.
  • Page 28 - "Jessica, you are very smart.  Are you ready for another guessing game?" squealed Coco the Clown.   "When I call out the name of a food, you guess what color it is.  Jessica, you point to the same color shown in the little square drawings.  READY?  GET SET!  GO!"  Apples, grapes, Chocolate, Oranges, Raisins, Blueberries, Bananas, Lettuce.   The colors to pick from are then listed - Red, Purple, Black, Orange, Blue, Yellow and Green.
  • Page 29 - Drawings of 8 squares each with a different color
  • Page 30 - Drawings to be colored by the child
  • Page 31 - "On page 30, you can see 4 shapes, Jessica.  A circle, a triangle, a rectangle, and a square.  A circle has no sides and is round like a ball or pie.  A triangle ALWAYS has three sides.  A rectangle has 4 sides, but 2 of the sides are long and 2 are short.  A square has 4 sides, but all 4 sides are the same size.  Did you color the 4 shapes on page 30, Jessica?"
  • Page 32 - "Jessica, color the pictures.  Next, draw a line to connect one shape to another shape that looks just like it.  Draw a line from the yellow square to the other square.  Keep on drawing and making connecting lines and soon your work will be done."
  • Page 33 - A picture illustration of page 32 above.
  • Page 34 - Another picture illustration
  • Page 35 - "Well," said Coco the Clown.  "It's time for me to go.  I shall miss you, Jessica.  I will take My School Fun Book to remind me of you."  Soon, colorful circus wagons came to pick up Coco.  He ran as fast as his floppy shoes would let him.  He hopped aboard, waving and shouting, "Good-bye, good-bye.  I had a very nice time."   Jessica knew then that Coco the Clown was a real circus clown after all. 

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