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The Hockey Hero - A Personalized Story

In this book, fair play and sportsmanship are promoted.  Your child experiences the emotional ups and downs of sports play. 

The story is personalized with the child's details which you provide like name, age, hometown, names of friends, his/her favorite Hockey team and of course your name, the person giving the book and the date you are giving it. This makes it a great keep sake.

We'll add a special message from you to the child like "You Are Great!" or similar, a no cost to you, if you request it on the order form.

Click here to see a sample book.  A detailed story of this book is given below

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Hockey Hero  
Sample page illustration

Book Cover

Sample page illustration

 Price $18.95 Book # 523  Hard cover  6 3/4" x 8 1/4",  36 pages, for all ages 

From Nancy: Thank you very, very much.  I would like to say that in the business I have done with Se-Len over the past 30 days, you are one of the most service-oriented Companies I have dealt with.....and your books are amazing.  I have already referred several people to you and will continue to order every chance I get.  Thanks for your above-and-beyond assistance!

Please provide the following on the order form:-

  • Book number
  • Child's name
  • Child's age
  • Child's gender
  • Hometown
  • Names of up to 3 friends
  • Child's favorite team
  • Name of person giving the book
  • Dedication
  • Date the book is given

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The Hockey Hero – Detailed Story

As you read the story below substitute the underlined with yours. This is just a sample; your book will be made using the information you provide.

Inside cover – The book title
Page 1 – A picture illustration ( 2 samples shown above this page)
Page 2 – Another illustration
Page 3 – "The Hockey Hero" was created especially for Mike Jeremy Smith at the age of 8, with love from Grandma and grandpa, December 25, 1999.
Page 4 – The championship game was only hours away. The Tiger Sharks, Mike’s favorite team, were just one game away from being the champs. Mike had already invited Larry to watch the game on television with him. All that was left to do was check the snacks and, for the fourth time today, study the team line-ups.
Page 5 – Picture illustration
Page 6 - Another illustration
Page 7 – Unknown to Mike, the Tiger Sharks were in trouble. The coach had just learned that the star player had a sprained ankle and could not play tonight. No other players were available. The situation seemed hopeless.
Page 8 – "What about that kid, Mike so-and-so, who you just signed, "the coach asked the team’s general manager. "You mean that kid who lives in Woodbridge?" replied the G.M. "He’s a little young and inexperienced!" "Call him," replied the coach, "and get him here any way you can, even if you have to rent a private jet. All we need is a back up in case of injury. He’ll just sit on the bench."
Page 9 - Picture illustration
Page 10 – Another illustration
Page 11 – The general manager, a bit nervous about tonight’s game, still couldn’t remember the player’s last name. "Was it Leroux, Lamante, Smith? Yes, Smith, I think that was it," the G.M. said and he quickly looked through the Woodbridge phone book for the number.
Page 12 – For Mike, time was moving slowly. When the phone rang, Mike answered. "Hi," said the G.M. "I know this is unusual, Mike, but we have a game tonight and we need you to play. I’m sending someone to pick you up." "Sure," Mike said somewhat reluctantly, knowing he would miss the big game on television. "But I’d like to bring along Larry." "No problem," replied the G.M. Mike quickly gathered his hockey gear and waited to be picked up.
Page 13 – Picture illustration
Page 14 – Another illustration
Page 15 – In no time an official hockey-looking guy rang the doorbell.

"Is Mike here?" he asked

"Right here," Mike answered

"Where?" said the hockey guy looking around the room.

"Right here," said Mike again.

"But! But! You look like you’are only 8 years old," replied the surprised official.

"Are you that good of a hockey player?"

"Yeah, I’m pretty good," Mike replied.

  • Page 16 - "Where are we going?" Mike asked as they jumped into the limousine.

"To the home arena of the Tiger Sharks," replied the hockey-type guy. "The game is sold out. There will be thousands of people at the arena and another 10 million watching on television."

"Sure, 10 million watching and me playing at the home of the Tiger Sharks! Does he really think I believe him?" Mike thought to himself.

  • Page 17 – Picture illustration
  • Page 18 – Another illustration
  • Page 19 – When they finally arrived at the arena, and Mike saw all the fans rushing into the building, he didn’t know what to think.

"Follow me," said the hockey-type guy. "And don’t sign any autographs – we haven’t got enough time." Mike followed, but now he was nervous. Larry looked nervous too.

  • Page 20 – "Here’s the kid," the hockey-type guy said to the coach when they reached the dressing room.

"Where?" asked the coach.

"Right here," he replied, pointing at Mike. The coach looked down at Mike.

"You can’t be serious?" the coach asked.

  • Page 21 – Picture illustration
  • Page 22 – Another illustration
  • Page 23 – The coach looked at Mike again.

"Did the G.M. call you?" he asked.

"Yes," replied Mike.

"You must be the best young hockey player in the whole world," the coach said in amazement.

"Yeah, I’m pretty good," Mike replied.

  • Page 24 – Mike quickly put on his hockey gear and went out with the team for the pre-game warm up. As soon as the coach saw Mike on the ice he knew a mistake had been made. Mike was pretty good, but no 8-year-old had ever played in this league. "I’ll just keep the kid on the bench," the coach thought to himself.
  • Page 25 – Picture illustration
  • Page 26 – Another illustration
  • Page 27 – The game was incredibly exciting. There were hard hits, scoring chances galore, end to end action and great saves. As the third period wound down, the score was tied 2-2. Mike was happy. These were the best seats he had ever had to watch his favorite team. The game ended in a flurry with both goalies making incredible saves. Overtime was next.
  • Page 28 - In the dressing room some of the Tiger Sharks started to complain about their stomachs. One by one, they went into the trainer’s room. And, they didn’t return. When the buzzer sounded to start overtime, the coach had only seven players still standing. And Mike was one of them.

Larry whispered to Mike. "You may have to play."

"Awesome," replied Mike.

  • Page 29 – Picture illustrations
  • Page 30 – More illustrations
  • Page 31 – The game seemed out of reach. With only six players, the team was wearing down. And then it happened! The referee called coincidental minor penalties. "Get another player on the ice", the referee yelled to the coach.

The coach looked at the trainer. "Anyone ready yet?" he asked.

"Sorry coach – no one can even stand up," the trainer replied.

"Mike – just how good are you?" he asked.

"I’m pretty good," Mike replied.

"Out you go," said the coach. "Do your best."

  • Page 32 – Mike was a pretty good hockey player but these players were the biggest, strongest and fastest he had ever played against. By the time Mike skated into one end, the puck was already back in the other end. Mike was still struggling out of the opponent’s end when one of his teammates shot the puck down the ice. The other team had forgotten about Mike. He had a breakaway!
  • Page 33 – Picture illustration
  • Page 34 – Another illustration
  • Page 35 – Mike skated as fast as he could. A defenseman was breathing down his neck. As he reached the net, Mike looked up and saw the biggest goalie he had ever seen in his life. Mike let go with his best shot.

The burly defenseman took Mike into the boards with a thud. As Mike got up, he heard the fans cheering and saw his teammates (all 6 of them) skating towards him. The game was over. Mike had buried the shot in the top corner. They had won in overtime.

Mike was interviewed on television. He only remembered answering one question. "Yeah, I’m pretty good," he said.

Page 36 – This last page has a list of Mike’s Hockey statistics (added after the book is received) as follows:
  1. His Team

  2. Coach’s Name

  3. Goals scored

  4. Assists

  5. Penalties

  6. Trophies won

  7. Best play of the year

The End

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