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The Ballerina Princess

This is a charming story in which your child practices her ballet moves getting ready for the recital.  Surprisingly, she ends up playing the lead role!  This book has two versions, one Ethnic and the other Caucasian.

Ethnic Illustrations

Book #544

Caucasian Illustrations

Book # 543

Price $19.95 Book#s 543 & 544   Hard cover  6 3/4" x 8 1/4"   35 pages   For girls 

Please note that the story for both versions of the book is the same.  The illustrations are also the same but with the slight difference in the color of the child as seen on the images on the covers for each version above.  Click here to see the illustrations

 A detailed story of this book is given below.  We guarantee satisfaction so there is no risk when you order our books.

Please provide the following details when ordering this book.

  • Book number #543 for Caucasian or #544 for Ethnic
  • Child's name
  • Child's age
  • Hometown
  • Names of up to three friends (girls only)
  • Name of dance teacher
  • Names of up to 10 guests invited to the dance recital
  • Dedication e.g. With love from
  • Name of person giving the book
  • Date the book is given

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The Ballerina Princess - Sample Story

As you read the story below substitute the underlined information with yours.  This is just a sample, your book will be made using the requested details above.

  • Page 1- The Book title and illustration

  • Page 2- More illustrations

  • Page 3- The Ballerina Princess was created especially for Jessica Ann Smith, at the age of 6, with love from Mommy and Daddy, December 25, 2005

  • Page 4 - Springtime was always an especially beautiful time of the year in Atlanta.  Flowers were blooming, the sun was warm and bright, and everything just seemed new and fresh!  Best of all, it was time for Jessica's ballet class to perform their annual ballet, "The Ballerina Princess."  This year the leading role was going to be performed by a very famous ballerina!

  • Page 5 - Illustrations

  • Page 6 - More illustrations

  • Page 7 - Miss White, their instructor, would soon assign parts to everyone.  There were dancing parts for birds, flowers, insects and butterflies.  Jessica, and her friends, Amy, Kristina and Kelley couldn't wait to see what parts they were going to play.  They had worked very hard practicing their pirouettes, pliés and turns for this special performance.

  • Page 8 - Jessica's class warmed up by carefully stretching their legs, backs and necks so they would stand tall and straight.  They watched themselves in the mirrors as they performed their warm up exercises at the barre, and went through five of their ballet positions.

  • Page 9 - Illustrations

  • Page 10 - More illustrations

  • Page 11 - Jessica practiced very hard every day.  She watched all of the lead ballerina's movements with special interest.  Jessica secretly hoped that one day she would be performing as the lead ballerina.

  • Page 12 - Amy watched what Jessica was doing and teased her about it.  Amy asked Jessica, "Why do you practice the lead ballerina's part as well as your own?"  "Because next year I hope to be the Ballerina Princess," Jessica answered.  "If I practice all year, next spring I will be ready for the part."

  • Page 13 - Illustrations

  • Page 14 - More illustrations

  • Page 15 - Miss White asked everyone to perform a short routine to help her decide which part to assign to them.  Amy stepped into position.  She twirled across the room as the others watched and waited their turn.

  • Page 16 - Next it was Kelley's turn.  She performed one pirouette after another without once losing her balance or getting dizzy.  Then Jessica went through a short routine they had learned in class.  She especially impressed Miss White with her graceful arabesque and the way she kept her toes so perfectly pointed.

 Miss White was very proud of all her students.  It was obvious that everyone had been practicing very hard at home.  "We are going to have a wonderful spring performance because all of you dance so well, she told them.

  • Page 17 - Illustrations

  • Page 18 - More illustrations

  • page 19 - Then she announced the roles for the dancers as she showed the costumes they would be wearing.  Everyone already knew the Ballerina Princess would be played this year by a former student who had become a famous ballerina.  Jessica and Amy would be butterflies.  Kristina would be a blue bird and another one of the girls would play the role of a caterpillar.  All the dancers were happy about their parts as they left for the day.

  • Page 20 - That night, all the little dancers called their families and friends to invite them to attend the performance.  Jessica called Grandma and Grandpa Smith

  • Page 21 - Illustrations

  • Page 22- More illustrations

  • Page 23 - Each afternoon Jessica, Amy, Kristina and Kelley joined the other dancers to rehearse their roles for the upcoming recital.  Everyone worked hard to learn their parts and Jessica continued to practice the part of the Ballerina Princess.

  • Page 24 - The weeks went by very quickly.  On the day before the performance, they gathered for dress rehearsal.  The lead ballerina entered the studio looking very pale.  Suddenly, the lead ballerina sneezed.  She sneezed again and again.

Miss White stepped over and asked, "What is the problem?"  "I think I am coming down with the flu," said the lead ballerina.  "I'm very sad because I don't want to let everyone down and there is no time for anyone to learn my part."

  • Page 25 - Illustrations

  • Page 26 - More illustrations

  • Page 27 - A hush came over the class as Miss White exclaimed, "What in the world can we do?"  Just then Kelley shouted, "But Miss White, Jessica knows all the moves of the Ballerina Princess.  She has practiced them every night on her own."  All eyes turned to Jessica.

  • Page 28 - "Is that correct, Jessica?" asked Miss White.  "Yes, it is," replied Jessica, a little embarrassed by the attention but happy at the same time.  I have practiced every night in hopes that by next year I would be chosen as the Ballerina Princess."

"Well, Jessica," said Miss White, "you now have the part of the Ballerina Princess!"  For the rest of the day the dress rehearsal continued with Jessica in the lead.  There was one less butterfly in the garden, but everyone was happy to spend the extra time to work on the changes.

  • Page 29 - Illustrations

  • Page 30 - More illustrations

  • Page 31 - The big day finally arrived.  Jessica's performance was perfect.  The entire crowd full of family and friends gave a standing ovation to the dancers.  Jessica, Amy, Kristina, Kelley and the other girls in the dance curtsied as flowers were brought onto the stage.

Jessica was the heroine of the night and the star performer in the ballet.  All of her hard work and practice had paid off!  What an unforgettable day this was.....the day Jessica became The Ballerina Princess.

  • Page 32 - Some Ballet Steps:

1- Battement tendu (baht-mohn-than-du) One foot slides out from the closed position, with toes never leaving the floor, until the toes point.

2- Plié (plee-ay) A bending movement of the knees.

3- Arabesque penchée (ah-ra-besk phan-shay) Dancer stands on one leg, lifting the other straight up behind.

4- Pirouette (peer-un-wet) Dancer spins around on one leg.

5- pas de chant (pah-duh-shah) Small jumps close to the ground carrying the dancer from one spot to another.

  • Page 33 - Illustrations of the 5 steps listed on page 32

  • Page 34-Illustrations of the feet positions listed on page 35

  • Page 35 - Feet Positions:

1- First position.  With heels touching, point toes to the outside forming a straight line.

2- Second position.  Toes still pointing out with feet about 8 to 10 inches apart.

3- Third position. One foot slides in front  of the other with the heel touching the middle of the other foot.

4- Fourth position. One foot directly in front of the other, about on short step apart.

5- Fifth position.  One foot is flat against the other with heel of front foot at the joint of the back foot.

The End

Please note that the story for both versions of the book is the same.  The illustrations are also the same but with the slight difference in the color of the child as seen on the images on the covers for each version above. On the order form, select Book number #543 for Caucasian or  #544 for Ethnic version.

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