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Personalized Baby Books

Are you looking for a unique baby gift?  Our personalized books are that great gift.  Below are three stories, two of them record the story of the child's birth including the date, time, weight, length, hospital, and more.  The third book is a book of prayers which has proved to be a favorite gift to babies.  It is non-denominational and that means it fits all kinds of families.  Click on the images or links below to see a sample story and the details we need to make each book.

Baby's Book Delivery  Prayers 

Baby's Create-A-Book : Records the story of baby's birth with date, time & more.  It has the following versions:

  1. Standard - like the sample on this web site
  2. Christian
  3. Jewish
  4. Single parent
  5. Adopted
  6. Adopted single parent
  7. Premature birth

Click on the image above or the link to see a sample story and the details we need to make the book.




Special Delivery: Also records the story of the baby's birth but with different wording.  It has only two versions, the standard one and the single parent one. 

Click on the link above or the image to se a sample book.

My Book of Prayers :
 This story does not have the details of date, time, like the other two but we have realized that people love to give it to new born babies.
  Some give it as a gift for Baptism/Christening while others give it because we can add family members in it, like Mommy, Daddy or siblings.  This makes it a unique gift to the whole family.  The family members are added as friends on the order form.

Click on the link or image above to see a sample book.

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